Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA  •

The Santa Clara project was one of the largest and deepest that we've ever undertaken. Our community-centered research and discovery phase included interviews with over 400 campus stakeholders, many of which took place inside the award-winning Refract House.

But beyond their practical needs, the constituents at SCU wanted to see a homepage feature that went beyond a "hero photo" -- though they definitely wanted that too! As leaders in Jesuit education, the faculty at SCU are often charged with seeing all sides of the impact of their research, answering to its ethics, delivering it to those who need it most.

The design library, templates, and styleguides needed to be flexible enough to accommodate LOTS of subsites - from academic departments to community initiatives to graduate programs. They also all needed to integrate seamlessly with the TerminalFour CMS, and LiveWhale Calendar.

The final site combines elements of classic Jesuit design with the responsiveness and fluidity that permeates Silicon Valley.

  • The homepage feature always encourages three perspectives, and in its default state of "Can we?" "Should we?" "Will we?", it provides a narrative call to action for all scholarship in the faith.
  • The design library allowed SCU staff to build representative subsites on their own, while still keeping a consistency of look and tone.
  • Previously hidden and notoriously difficult to share, campus events are now vivid, engaging examples of dynamic content that appear throughout the site.

We supplied 300+ new pages with writing, and 200+ pages with detailed content recommendations based on staff and student interviews. Then we conducted training sessions with admins and faculty.

Finally, we stuck around after the project for a planned post-launch analysis and fine-tuning... and a celebration at the The Hut, of course.

Honestly the best we've ever seen anyone rock the visor.

Our children are incredibly spoiled well-outfitted.

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