Naomi Royall

Developer  •  Oakland, CA  •

Naomi is a developer originally from England, currently living in Oakland, with a passion for user experience design and a degree in astrophysics.

Naomi's thoughtful approach to code is indispensable to White Whale - in addition to thinking about devices, connection times, and screen sizes, she's often building templates that will go into a CMS - so she's advocating for those users as well.

In her development career prior to White Whale, she developed the award-winning Global Campaign for Education website, the Play Healthy site run by MLB and the Partnership for Drugfree Kids, and prototypes for Hunters Alley.

Very best things:

  • travel, travel, travel
  • small snuggly caramel-colored dogs
  • lunch-break rock climbing
  • carrot cake

Always on her desktop:

  • the javascript console
  • a jar of tea (preferably green)
  • Post-its
  • headphones

photo of Isaac and Alex by Mary McHenry

A meeting of the minds. One of these minds is WAY larger than the other.

Anyone else at White Whale who tried this would be... remembered fondly.