Isaac McGowan

Developer, LW UX/UI  •  San Francisco, CA  •

Isaac writes front end code for the LiveWhale CMS, leads non-LiveWhale CMS implementations, and backs up our UI development team.

He has developed and managed Web applications since 1999, working on corporate teams as well as individually, and has created a wide variety of interesting and engaging tools and interfaces.

Isaac lives in San Francisco with his wife and three sons; he’s acrophobic, so his desk is the farthest from the windows of White Whale’s seventh-floor Oakland office.

Very best things:

  • surfing
  • capoeira
  • burritos
  • one single quiet morning

Always on his desktop:

  • cacti
  • coffee
  • healthy ergonomic-type stuff

photo of Isaac and Alex by Mary McHenry

Isaac and Alex discuss a menu, which is technically both UI and UX?

Remember when he had a beard for a minute? Come on Isaac, you're still a front-end guy.