People & Policies

Well: four of us work in White Whale’s downtown Oakland office, the other four are scattered around the U.S., and heck no you absolutely could not.

Jason Pontius
The Boss
Janie Porche
Creative Director
Naomi Royall
Front-End Developer
Isaac McGowan
LiveWhale UX/UI
Tonya Moyle
Alex Romanovich
Technical Director
Karl Hinze
LiveWhale Support
Gary Bishop

“Policies” sounds so strict but here’s the deal.

We’ve worked for schools of every size and stripe and religion and concentration, in and out of the US. We politely decline proposals from schools whose handbooks don’t protect against discrimination. We’d love to do more work for HBCUs, native and under-represented communities, and all of the inspiring, weird* schools that could benefit from a fresh, clear, truthful voice.

*we won’t say weird on your website unless you want us to.