Alex Romanovich

Technical Director  •  New York City, NY  •

Alex has been noodling with bits and bytes since 1993 when he stopped taking apart the VCR and turned his attention to computer programming. Since its inception, he has been indispensable to White Whale; becoming a permanent full-time employee in 2004 and taking the lead in the development of LiveWhale, our in-house content management system for education.

He is a graduate of NYU’s film and psychology programs, an active writer and photographer, a student of metaphysics, and a natural magnet to surrealism. He lives in New York City with his wife, Minnie, and their cat, Arianna.

As technical director of White Whale, he has an intimate understanding of higher ed needs, and has produced numerous tools to effectively manage content for universities across the United States... and thanks to clients in Barcelona, and Abu Dhabi, he was forced to wrestle with every programmer's nemesis: time zone support.

Very best things:

  • sopa de ajo
  • René Magritte
  • custom Slack emojis

Always on his desk:

  • Fir needle extract
  • mastiha tears
  • a Himalayan singing bowl
  • miscellaneous papers / books

This is exactly what Alex looks like all the time.

How he gets so much work done.

Probably A's favorite gif of all time: