Menlo School

Atherton, CA  •

All of us wish that we spent seventh grade at the Menlo School. A robotics lab? A running track with engraved math equations? Stand-out athletics on a historic campus?

We immediately identified two things that Menlo School had going for them in a big way: first, they have a skilled and prolific campus photographer, Pete Zivkov. (We know, it's just not fair.)

But unlike some of our higher-ed clients, they didn't have to force every photo to be "academic enough". We could show happy students just enjoying and supporting each other! - and because that environment is such a valuable product of the school, we didn't have to dress it up for any deans.

So, using the LiveWhale CMS, we built a homepage for Menlo that features a new photo every day - each one chosen and captioned by a Menlo student. (For reunions and anniversaries, alums can submit their photos too!) The amazing "developer team" at Menlo (his name is Gabe) even used the LiveWhale API to build an open-source scheduling plugin that received lavish praise during the LiveWhale Developers Conference.

The final site continues to grow beautifully as the Menlo team adds new content areas and features.

  • Integrated search function quickly searches keywords, resources, people, events, and pages - including a few styled results! (Try searching "athletics" on the homepage.)
  • Landing pages feature rich content and utilize a "white background" portrait style on the bottom of the page to introduce more Menlo faces.
  • Integration with Menlo's parent login system allows access to customized news and announcement pages for each grade.
  • Tiny design touches help the site to feel more like the school itself - complete with the famous Menlo grass.

The site received a CASE District VII Award of Excellence, where it took top prize among the education field - which included full .edu redesigns. The number of happy parents that we heard about through the grapevine made us even more excited than the hardware.

Our relationship with Menlo is ongoing - in addition to occasional updates related to messaging and new programs, they are always one of the more popular presenters at LWDC, and hosted the conference in 2014.

This was "Do What You Love Day". When you say it like that, it makes perfect sense.

It seems unfair that Menlo gets year-round good weather AND also autumn.

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