White Whale

Design, content, and technology geeks in service of schools around the globe.

We're doing a lot lately.

We’re letting college seniors upload and archive their theses. We’re teaching university faculty how to create and share success stories. We’re giving content best-practices workshops to administrative staff.

We’re fixing search. We’re testing the usability of other firms’ redesigns. We’re helping our clients write job descriptions. Wait, we have sixth-graders choosing the homepage photo?!?

We’re integrating with WordPress, and Shibboleth, and Banner, and the train schedule, and the tides.

So, is all of this “web design?”

In short: web design means more than it ever has before. There's a lot to stay on top of. If that sounds familiar, let's talk.

No matter where you are in the process:
RFP, pre-RFP, ASAP, or WTF -
we’re happy to talk.

(510) 808-4028, or say hello@whitewhale.net