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COVID–19 Cases by County

This is an experimental LiveWhale data visualization project in progress.

7-day average of new cases by county, last 30 days

Date Multnomah County , Oregon New York County , New York Gratiot County , Michigan Alameda County, California
04/26/2021 155.29 235.57 21.00 97.29
04/27/2021 156.71 228.57 25.86 92.43

Data updated: 05/26/21

County or counties to search:

You can enter counties in either of two ways:

  1. Fully spelled out (“Alameda County, California”)
  2. By FIPS code, a unique code for each county in the US.
    You can look up your county’s FIPS code here.

To see data for multiple counties, separate them with semicolons. 

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